I breathe style. I always have. I always will.

I too, noticed that when I had to dress in a certain way that my happiness and confidence weren’t so apparent… I didn’t feel like “me”.   I felt awkward and disconnected from myself and it would take all day for me to readjust.  Seriously, not worth the bother. I know even now, that wearing what makes me feel a gazillion dollars is that how I feel amounts to  my day going right and in being in flow.  I feel it can’t be dismissed this style thing.  It carries some gravitas and currency and is well worth a look into it.

Now, it is my work that is lifestyle coaching and mentoring women who long for a style they can call their own, living  in a way that makes them feel assured, confident and happy and their homes and personal style reflect  the new them.

I love to help and show women how to retrieve (yes, you already have it) their confidence and live a creatively-expressed life, one where you are at your happiest, living life fully, dressing and living beautifully and successfully and feeling that strong, soft, confident, feminine power.  Often, when this is achieved, your natural style will come forth because you’ll know who you  are.

A business coach told me, Lucy, you are a connector of people, places and things.  Which is great because I do love doing just that.  It IS the putting together of things that interests me.  Lovely things are just lovely things unless they are brought together with a good eye  and a sense of style, either elegant, simple, froufrou,  tailored, polished. chic, the list is endless.   Wherever style is required,  interiors, dressing or mindset.  It fills me with joy to source clothes, shoes and accessories to create a signature style for women.  As a lifestyle coach, my focused aim is to inspire and influence women to become the woman she truly wants to be.  You give me the brief and I’ll help you get there.

I also know that having the lifestyle and style you desire and becoming the woman you want to be, is all down to you.  It starts with you.    It’s an important concept to get your head around because no-one else can do it for you.  It has to come from you. But this is where it becomes exciting. You don’t have to worry anymore about what other people think (pray God you don’t! – this is the worst time waster and corrosive behaviour in history). This is your time to be laser focused on creating your lifestyle in and out of your office.

Having my own style has made me so happy.  I sensed early on that being around things that make your heart sing, brings a successfulness and happiness and also gives importance to our lives. So much easier to be in charge of ourselves when we are at our happiest and best.  We expand and amplify our best asset, which is us, in business, personally and socially.  You know, when you can socialise easily, meet new people and feel really confident and happy in your own skin, that’s when the rubber meets the road and life just feels so much more effortless.  This is when it flows!

I am a taste maker and have a great eye.  I love sourcing and am able to create unique and  bespoke collections for you.  What matters to me, is the you have the confidence to wear your new style day in and day out.

Please do not think that where you are now in life, is all there is.  There is far more for you.  So many exciting opportunities and endless possibilities waiting for you. What is the lifestyle you dream about in your quiet moments?  Do you think that can only be for someone else and isn’t available to someone like you?  Self-belief, self-worth, self-esteem  are crucial to live well and make an impact in your lifestyle, health, wealth  and business. These three start to ignite when we really like ourselves.  It takes some practice when we are so used to downplaying ourselves.  I hold a strong space for you while you make effective changes to feel you’re ready to step up and out into the world in your very own way.

I love inspiring you to find your signature style inside and out.  This comes from  creating a new strong mindset of confidence and  together with  curating a style of your own. 

So grab your  dreams, your desires and your ambitions and let’s create that world you want to live in. 

This is YOUR time. Radiate. Curate a luxurious life  on your own terms. It’s time to cultivate a life by you doing you!

 I offer a 30 minute complimentary session to see how I can help you. 


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